VIP Pre-Season Sale Bath Bombs by the Dozens
VIP Pre-Season Sale Bath Bombs by the Dozens
VIP Pre-Season Sale Bath Bombs by the Dozens
VIP Pre-Season Sale Bath Bombs by the Dozens

VIP Pre-Season Sale Bath Bombs by the Dozens

Regular price $162.00 Sale price $99.00

Special Limited Time Deals offered first to our VIPs.  Available to all. So please share with your favorite people. Thank you! -- Love, KC

How good are the deals really?


Check this out:

LUXURY BATH BOMBS - in Healing Waters or Pure Love

1.5 Dozen Bombs ONLY $99! SAVE $63 ~ 38%

4 Dozen Bombs ONLY $250! SAVE $182 ~ 42%!!

Why is this the best bath bomb you'll ever love?

1 simple answer -- the ingredients.  It's the same answer to the questions of: why do mom's trust these bombs? Why don't these bombs give UTI's like other ones? Why does my skin feel so good after I use these? Why do your bombs keep the water hot longer than others? And for many people with chronic pain -- why do the Healing Waters bombs take away my muscle aches?

We have our two most popular bath bombs available for this special offer. 

Healing Waters has the same strong anti-inflammatory blend as Everything Oil.  Soak your entire body relieving the inflammation in muscles and joints. Like everything oil, there are many uses, including relief when under the weather.  They were created out of necessity during a bad bout of the flu and have remained our #1 seller of all products, year after year. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing or humans under 1 year old.

Pure Love this lovely mix of citrus and tropical flowers uplifts the spirit and wraps one in the feeling of pure love.  Made with Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot and Grapefruit, this will leave you feeling luxuriated. 

Bombs will come individually wrapped in all compostable materials.  Every aspect of your order will be in compostable materials.  These vegan, non-gmo bath bombs are a perfect gift for yourself and almost everyone on your list this coming holiday season.

The Other Deals:


6 Pack Everything Oil Rollers - Buy 3 Get 3 FREE $57 (normally $114)

12 Pack Everything Oil Rollers - Baker's Dozen in Cotton Bags  Buy 6 Get 7 FREE $114 (normally $228)

4 Pack Everything Oil Dropper Bottles - Buy 2 Get 2 FREE $90 (normally $180)

12 Pack Everything Oil Dropper Bottles - Baker's Dozen Buy 6 Get 7 FREE $270 (normally $585)



Everything Oil & Mighty Calm Balm in Canvas Travel Bag

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE - $80 ~ SAVE $40

Buy 3 Get 2 FREE - $120 ~ SAVE $80

Buy 4 Get 3 FREE - $160 ~ SAVE $120


Why Now? 

We are raising money for Holiday Season Preparation + our new toner & serum R&D (y'all are gonna LOVE!).  Help us by helping yourself get the best self care at special one time only prices.  

Stock up on your favorite Luxury Bath Bombs, Anti-Inflammatory Everything Oil, and Everyday Essentials Kits.  The holidays are coming fast and the cost of everything is going up.  We will soon have to raise some of our low prices.  So save big and stock up NOW on the best self care for your co-workers, in-laws, Thanksgiving hosts, family stocking stuffers and corporate gifts for your business.  

*All cotton bags, including zippered travel bags and all cocoa butter and shea butter are Certified Fair Trade and Organic.