Cru Bom Raw Chocolates - Quadrado {square} Bar
Cru Bom Raw Chocolates - Quadrado {square} Bar

Cru Bom Raw Chocolates - Quadrado {square} Bar

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These chocolates are delicious, nutritious and ultra satisfying. Chocked full of trace minerals, healthy fats and sweetened only with local honey to boost your immune system. This chocolate leaves you feeling full and energized.

Approximately 1.75oz of organic, fair trade raw chocolate. Perfect for sharing. Hand poured and packaged in a compostable pouch. 12 pieces per bar.

Available in three flavors, the original "Just Dark", "Cayenne & Himalayan Pink Sea Salt" and "Bee Pollen".  

Ingredients:  just raw organic fair trade cacao, organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, and local Austin honey

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Special delicious raw CHOCOLATE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL DELIVERY IN AUSTIN, we currently do not ship chocolates. Just another reason living here is so awesome. Order by midnight Friday for weekend deliveries.