Cru Bom Raw Chocolates Pouco de Boms 4 pack

Regular price $12.00 Sale price $10.00

**Easter week these are marked down to $10 as a perfect add-on of extra chocolate in your little lovey's Easter Basket.** Also, find them in the big kid easter basket while supplies last.

These are the perfect (.5 oz) bite-size morsel, but also translate perfectly into hot chocolate or butter coffee.  Hand-poured and packaged in a plant-based, compostable pouch 

Store them in the fridge but take them out and let them come to room temperature to serve as a ganache-like nibble. Perfect as a stand-alone dessert or on a cheese plate. Yes, it spreads.

Available in three flavors, the original "Just Dark", "Cayenne & Himalayan Pink Sea Salt" and "Bee Pollen".  

Ingredients:  just raw organic fair trade cacao, organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, and local Austin honey.

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