Crisis Response - Local Delivery

We are creating products to help you deal with this crazy new reality.  Available for free local delivery within 10 miles of CG HQ for orders over $25 during the Covid-19 crisis period (choose Local Delivery at checkout).  Hand sanitizer is being limited to 3 bottles per customer/delivery address.  If the hand sanitizer is sold out then we will have more in stock soon.  

While most people are staying home it can be hard to balance nutrition and deliciousness.  Add Cru Bom Raw Chocolates to your local delivery order and get both! Made from healthy and fair trade ingredients these chocolates melt in your mouth and are full of trace minerals, healthy fats and magnesium.  For more local food delivery deliciousness, check out 33 Tigers' amazing offers at: .



So, right now, I am the only person that is going in or out of our Conscious Goods facility.  I am regularly disinfecting all hard surfaces.  Luckily I already used eco-friendly reusable masks while making many products, now I wear them while making everything. I wash hands before and after making all products and do not touch my face while working.  


During this time all of our deliveries will be made in our CG Prius.  That vehicle has been thoroughly disinfected and no children area allowed to ride in it.  In fact, the only people riding in it are those making deliveries.  Those people (again, probably just me) will be wearing masks and sanitizing hands before touching your delivery and leaving it on your front porch, or if in an apartment, with the front desk of your apartment complex.


If you know me then you know I am a solo parent to 3 sons, who of course now are at home all the time. Work days have to be limited right now to balance everything. That is why our deliveries will take place Friday through Sunday.  You will get a confirmation email regarding which day your delivery will be made.

Thank you for your patience and for your support.  As a small business, mainly run by this one hard working mama, I cannot tell you how much your business means to me. 

I love you all so much!! 


KC McDaniel, Founder of Conscious Goods