Mountain Bliss Beeswax Candle
Mountain Bliss Beeswax Candle

Mountain Bliss Beeswax Candle

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Beeswax candles have been used for thousands of years, cleaning the air* and improving quality of life. We bring that purity and tradition to you, with a modern twist. Remember, you breathe what you burn, so breathe deep and enjoy! 

"I created Mountain Bliss to evokes feelings of happy family time spent in the Rockies, making vegan family meals loaded with fresh ginger." - KC, creator of Conscious Goods. 

MADE WITH ONLY: Morning Sunshine - Local Beeswax, tangerine and grapefruit essential oils and a cotton wick inside a recycled glass container.

Fat Votive Size: a 2.5 ounce pour, which has a ~12+ hour burn time.

*beeswax candles clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions can bind with toxins and help remove them from the air.  This beeswax is not organic, because no American sourced beeswax can have an organic certification. Our beeswax is always sourced from sustainable Central Texas beekeepers, supporting local agriculture.

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