VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils
VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils
VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils
VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils
VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils

VIP Stock Up Sale ~ Everything Oils

Regular price $114.00 Sale price $57.00

Special Limited Time Deals offered first to our VIPs.  Available to all. So share with your favorite people while helping this small business.  

How good are the deals really? CRAZY GOOD! 

Check this out:


6 Pack Everything Oil Rollers - Buy 3 Get 3 FREE $57 (normally $114)

Baker's Dozen Pack of Everything Oil Rollers - Baker's Dozen in Cotton Bags  Buy 6 Get 7 FREE $114 (normally $228)

4 Pack of Everything Oil Dropper Bottles - Buy 2 Get 2 FREE $90 (normally $180)

Baker's Dozen Pack of Everything Oil Dropper Bottles -  Buy 6 Get 7 FREE $270 (normally $585)

What is Everything Oil and why do people love it? 

It's a proprietary topical oil that works quickly to lower inflammation in muscles and joints.  It relieves many types of pain, like arthritis, headaches, growing pains and more (see diagram in pictures). We keep it on hand for everything from neck pain to hangovers, hence, Everything Oil.  Just don't ingest it.

 I keep everything oil next to my six-year-old’s bed. Covers all the woes that only come out at bedtime. My tummy hurts! I have a bug bite! I have growing pains! Earache! Done. Done. Done. Done. Goodnight.
- Christina H. Denver, CO

OPTIONS: It comes in either a 10 mL blue glass roller bottle with stainless steel roller ball.  Providing a cooling relief during application, the roller bottles come in a fair trade and organic cotton drawstring bag to protect the bottle or to protect your travel bag from any possible leakage. Also available in 1 oz blue glass dropper bottle. This larger bottle is 3x the volume of the 10 mL bottle.  Easier application to large areas, for use in massage or to add to foot soaks and baths.  

Do not ingest and do not apply to apply to delicate areas, such as nose, eyes, privates.  Not recommended for babies under 6-12 months or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

The Other Deals:


Available in Healing Waters or Pure Love

1.5 Dozen Bombs ONLY $99! SAVE $63 ~ 38%

4 Dozen Bombs ONLY $250! SAVE $182 ~ 42%!!



Everything Oil & Mighty Calm Balm in Canvas Travel Bag

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE - $80 ~ SAVE $40

Buy 3 Get 2 FREE - $120 ~ SAVE $80

Buy 4 Get 3 FREE - $160 ~ SAVE $120



Why Now? 

We are raising money for Holiday Season Preparation + our new toner & serum R&D (y'all are gonna LOVE!).  Help us by helping yourself get the best self care at special one time only prices.  

Stock up on your favorite Luxury Bath Bombs, Anti-Inflammatory Everything Oil, and Everyday Essentials Kits.  The holidays are coming fast and the cost of everything is going up.  We will soon have to raise some of our low prices.  So save big and stock up NOW on the best self care for your co-workers, in-laws, Thanksgiving hosts, family stocking stuffers and corporate gifts for your business.  

*All cotton bags, including zippered travel bags and all cocoa butter and shea butter are Certified Fair Trade and Organic. 

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